Shopping site Wanelo daily collection capacity of 8 million

Social e-commerce start-up site Deena Varshavskaya at TechCrunch founder Wanelo TV Studio to be interviewed, spoke of differences between Wanelo and Pinterest, Wanelo the rapid development of a new round of financing. Wanelo it was reported a new round of financing, which valued over US $ 100 oakley sunglasses
Varshavskaya, Wanelo is a real social shopping sites, allows users to Favorites your favorite product and discover new products. Wanelo wants to make shopping online a user-focused, rather than to shop as the eyeglasses
Identified commodities of interest to Wanelo allows the user to bookmark, and click on the link to purchase. Varshavskaya, Wanelo is never a Pinterest, because Wanelo's design philosophy is to let users find the goods are available for purchase. Pinterest only in pictorial collections like commodities, but failed to provide purchasing services.oakley outlet
Wanelo users can use categories (such as clothes, shoes, bag, etc), hot-and friends, search for a specific product. In addition, you can browse the shops or products, a top information. Wanelo since its creation two years ago, already has 6 million registered users (percentage of active users visit the site on a monthly basis to 70%), and became one of the most downloaded app in the App Store. Currently there are 5 million claims that publish commodity collection amounted to 700 million times. Every day the product with an average 8 million pieces of a site collection. Cooperation of Wanelo and branded businesses are catching up. Varshavskaya pointed out that, like Urban Outfitters and retail chain, is about to join Wanelo Free People create online shops. Wanelo profit model is pulled from the user's purchases at a time into.glassespop
Varshavskaya, Wanelo is currently funded, but to not comment on financing or not. Varshavskaya also noted that the Wanelo has just started, user experience and product collection services have a lot of work to be done. Large quantity of Wanelo users and the access rate is high, thus attracting a lot of venture capitalists

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